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Hello there!, I'm Andrew Montoya (A.K.A. Haloss1).

I'm a self-taught developer from Mexico that likes all sorts of stuff related to the computer science world.

You can check my resume right here:

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React App Demo

A web app to show off my skills with React, originally i did it as a exam for a software development company.

See Live Source Code

Fragata: Ultimate Halo Experience

Improving Microsofts beloved game Halo.

Download Client Source Code

SpaceX Launch History

A web app displaying all of SpaceX past launches.

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A Digital product specialist company portfolio site.

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React News App

Beautiful React based news app.

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A beautiful interactive portfolio site.

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GKE Terraform Scripts

A powerful set of Terraform scripts to deploy all the needed infrastructure for a Kubernetes cluster on the Google Cloud.

Source Code

Face Recognition App

A simple app powered by a machine learning API that can detect faces on an image provided by a URL.

See Live Source Code


A administration system for Agriculture Insurance companies.

SOS Capital

A financial institution portfolio site.


You can contact me through email:

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