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Hello there!, I'm Andrew Montoya (A.K.A. Haloss1).

I'm a self-taught developer from Mexico that likes all sorts of stuff related to the computer science world.


See Resume (PDF)


DevSecOps/Cloud Native/Telco Lab

A lab built with the help of some friends using donated school resources, used to built a Cloud with Openstack, Tested Baremetal Clouds, Built a Kubernetes cluster and other Cloud Native stuff.

4x Dell R710 (24GB RAM, 2x Intel Nehalem based CPUs each),
2x IBM (24GB RAM, 1x Intel Nehalem based CPU each, one of them as a gateway/Router/DNS/Firewall), 1x Brocade 24 port SFP
1x Dell EMC VNXe SAN
2x Dell EMC VNXe Storage Array Boxes
1x 3com 100 Mbps 24 port Switch
2x generic Intel cpu based PCs
x5 Random Mikrotik wireless PTP and AP radios.

Fragata: Ultimate Halo Experience

Improving Microsofts beloved game Halo.

Game Extension.
Featuring a revamped Server Browser, UI and a Web3 Decentralized Game Content downloader (Maps, Mods, UI Themes, Stats) based on IPFS

NOTE: Source code restored to Gitlab :), binaries still aren't :(

Source Code

Heads and Coreboot

Heads is an open source custom firmware (based on Coreboot) and OS configuration for laptops and servers that aims to provide slightly better physical security and protection for data on the system.

I helped in the porting process for the Thinkpad T430, fixed a Graphics issue present on some versions of the T430 with a 900p display.

Source Code

SpaceX Launch History

A web app displaying all of SpaceX past launches.

See Live Source Code

ManageIQ Ansible Dynamic Inventory Plugin

A Dynamic Inventory plugin that takes hosts from a ManageIQ instance as Ansible inventory.

RedHat had previously deprecated the script for getting ManageIQ hosts as inventory in AWX, i revived it by porting the previous code to the new plugin format.

Source Code

React App Demo

A web app to show off my skills with React, originally i did it as a exam for a software development company.

See Live Source Code


A beautiful interactive portfolio site i made for a Marketing Agency.

Try it out, click the background! ;)

See Live


Penpot is the first Open Source design and prototyping platform meant for cross-domain teams. Non dependent on operating systems, Penpot is web based and works with open web standards (SVG). For all and empowered by the community.

I helped fix some UI elements and provided some translations.

See Live Source Code

Nintendo Switch ARM Server

I deployed my first ARM server, using custom a built Ubuntu based distribution, and a bootloader exploit to boot it.

I got it to run Arch btw, it also was part of my Kubernetes "ARM Cluster" for some time.

Beelink GT King ARM Server

I deployed my second ARM server

It also ran Arch btw and it also was my second node, part of my Kubernetes "ARM Cluster" for some time.


A Digital product specialist company portfolio site.

See Live

React News App

Beautiful React based news app.

See Live Source Code

GKE Terraform Scripts

A powerful set of Terraform scripts to deploy all the needed infrastructure for a Kubernetes cluster on the Google Cloud.

Source Code

Face Recognition App

A simple app powered by a machine learning API that can detect faces on an image provided by a URL.

See Live Source Code


A administration system for Agriculture Insurance companies.

SOS Capital

A financial institution portfolio site.


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